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18' Proa built by Peter Schuhmayer in Austria Part2

Page history last edited by Peter Schuhmayer 14 years, 4 months ago

Building Part2


The hulls are ready for glassing in the first days of September




I overlapped the glass at the keel and used some tape to get a nice cut.



I added some reinforcement to the keels later.

It would have been better to do this first to avoid extra sanding.


In the meantime I finished my spars. Here is a picture of the boom and the yard, standing in front of my garage.

I also finished the maststep, the claws for the boom, some clamps and the sitting platform. The yard is 6,10m long and weights 6 kilogramm.

Mast and boom are about 4.5 kilogramm each. Sailarea will be 12.5 squaremeter. Pretty much for that small boat, but we often have light winds here.

I bought some 6oz polytarp for the sail. Unfortunally it is only available in blue or white transparent. I choosed blue.




Now we have October 10th here in Austria and a very nice autumn with temperatures up to 27 degrees celsius has ended. Weatherforecast for next week says snow down to 700m ( I live on 650m). I will have to heat my garage for the paintjob. The hulls are ready for painting.




2009 October 25th


I sprayed primer onto the hulls last weekend. Didn't know if this was necessary on epoxy. The next day I painted the yellow parts.

The paint is 2K but due to low temperatures the paint did not cure within one day (as usual) and I had to wait with masking and painting the white parts.





This weekend I sprayed the white color and removed the masking tapes.

Painting took about 6 hours, but cleaning up the workshop took another 6 hours!

I promise I will never spay-paint inside my workshop again.




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Othmar Karschulin said

at 1:23 pm on Oct 26, 2009

Super Job. Gratulation.

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