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2003 model and 2007 model MkII

Page history last edited by Janusz Ostrowski 12 years, 4 months ago

In 2002/3 time came for me to test the concept before investing in full scale research proa.

Simplified crabclaws sail with straight spars (yard and boom) and cutoff in rear edge, like swallow-tail.

Vaka was asymmetric, made from epoxy-glass on styrofoam and ama from PVC pipe.

Weight shifting was simulated with a piece of plumbing, wired in different places.



Model earned new sail before was taken to the water and trimmed for first trip:


..sometimes was sailing  with ama fying, :


and used to land on the shore..almost :)


....years passed and in 2007

after sailing few seasons, on Pjoa I wanted to test on model, more elastic suspension for better, more traditional ama  made from solid pine wood.

Have a look how nicely akas allow ama for free ride without twisting the structure of akas:

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