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Archived pages

Page history last edited by Kevin 14 years, 9 months ago

 Archived Proa Pages


Sometimes you have a web page, and sometimes it goes away.  That's the nature of things.  However, proa pages can be informative beyond reason for someone trying to build a similar boat to yours, or can just be interesting to read through.   For that reason I've decided to try to archive some defunct web pages which show interesting boats, in the hope they will be useful or at least interesting to someone out there somewhere.


None of these images are mine.  I took them from the Wayback Machine for the most part, or from posts on the proa_file Yahoo group, or from proa_fileN adjunct groups, or people have emailed them to me with permission to post them.  If I'm using your text or images without permission, please don't sue me.  If something here is yours and you want me to take it down I'll do so post haste, just email me and ask.  I attempt to give credit to the author and/or photographer.  If I get something wrong let me know and I'll change it. 


If you have a dead link to a favorite page about a proa, send it to me and I'll see if I can chase down a copy and put it here.



Terho Halme's "Ping-Pong", a collection of text, pictures and videos about Terho's WTW proa Ping-Pong.


Doug Taylor's variable geometry proa from 1977.  Doug had a site up for years at flyingproa.com with some nice pictures and notes from his proa project.  He has recently drawn a proa for a Duckworks design contest, so we can hope to see more projects from him soon.


John Scull's Micronesian Proa page.  John had a page up from 1999 to 2004 with some nice pictures and descriptions of his sailing experiences in Micronesia.  I wrote him in 2004 and he sent me some additional photos and text, and gave me permission to post them on the proa_file.  Since his web page is gone I'm putting the whole lot here, it's a great read.


About Face and About Face p2 are pages showing Ted Lamont's boat in Australia.  I think it was re-rigged as a Harry style after these pictures were taken. 


Joe Creecy's boat, images and description taken from proa_file posts.


Images from the Proa_file archives and Images from the Proa_file archives page 2 and Images from the Proa_file archives page 3 ; there's a lot of very interesting stuff in the Files and Photos sections of the proa_file Yahoo group.  I'm picking and chosing here; I am more interested in images and descriptions of actual boats rather than vaporware and idea sketches, and am more interested in boats belonging to people who are not active in the group rather than those who are.  People who are currently active can make their own pages, or perhaps don't want to, but at any rate they don't need me jumping in on their toes.


Ocean racing proas


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