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dutch proas

Page history last edited by msnuchols@gmail.com 10 years, 12 months ago

some pictures of  proa`s I builded in the end of 1979  and 1980, more than 25 years ago

hulls both : tortured ply  ( 5mm bruynzeel )


the one way lightwight proa  messures 5,00 meters sail 8 m2 (Solo)

the longer, real ( two directions ) flying proa mesures 7,50 meters

sliding mast step, telescopic bar to windward,

brucefoil did not worked: to much waterresistance ( to "fat")

was changed into a little flat boxhull

after almost 30 years again building a proa,

now by recycling two catamarans,

a 6,50 meter atalanta catamaran and a 18 ft. coolcat

6,50 meter hull shortened to 5 meter the two parts laminated together

                 mainhull:  10 meter, 2 beds, with cabin, 1,50 headroom

18 ft coolcat shorted  to 4 meter so becomes a hull of 8,00 meters low and flush

       (did not used the hulls of the coolcat on the water, I used two old bare hulls)

every free space filled with styropor so unsinkebel  ? (hope so)

I want to sail the North Sea (not yet to England, but how knows)

mast: already in 1980 the idea : (see old wire probe)

         long rail for de maststep, (to move center of gravity)

         2 rails on de beams with studs to the mast for the inclination.

sail : 54 m2

but a start with 2 Finn masts and sails is more save, so the big sail for later.

building time still one year more, have other projects too.

greatings,  jan
































trying to insert some pictures , but how ??

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jan van der sande said

at 10:20 am on Sep 14, 2014

Buying a verry old house ( 1708 ! ) gives my much work,
llast week ( sept 2014 ) I started my proa project again

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