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Images from the Proa_file archives page 2

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Cormier (JP Turcot?)



(posted to proa_file by freshairfiend)


From proa_file message #1917:

hi everybody,

Here we have the picture i have promised about a very strange monoxil proa. That

boat is atlantic on one tack and pacific on the other. She wins all the races in

mediterranea during twoo years, especially because of a very high speed in low

wind and no tactics problems. She was destroied in the 1982 Rhum by an accident

with a buoy at high speed, she breaks the akas on the obstacle. The sponsor was

the company of the skipper himself.

From proa_file message #1965:

Here we have more informations about JP Turcot proa or outrigger canoe

Builded and designed by the Cormier's brothers and launched in 1986,

size 17.9X13metres weight 4.4T/5T sail area 170sqm, spi 260sqm,

sponsor the company where the brothers work.

A lot of race winned in mediterranea and in the Rhum 1990 a lot of

misfortune, first the skipper break is leg a few days before the

start, and start with a plaster! Second the boat hit a spectators

boat and must return to Saint Malo to repair a U bolt! third she

strike a signaling buoy and break the akas and was abandonned at sea.

Nobody copy the boat in France, perhaps too strange, perhaps in

france nothing serious can be happened in mediterranea, and of course

in that race everybody was traumatised by the Delage collapsus on the

start line and sure a terrible misfortune.


Vincent Besin










(posted to proa_file by prao38)


Eka Grata



(posted to proa_file by prao38)







(posted to proa_file by prao38)


Fumee Noire




rudder linkage with governor


(posted to proa_file by prao38)

Lady Godiva (or Funky but Chic?)




(posted to proa_file by prao38)

Lestra Sport



(posted to proa_file by prao38)

Passager du Vent





(posted to proa_file by prao38)

Images from the Proa_file archives page 3 




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