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Images from the Proa_file archives

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A WTW proa in Latvia in 1985:




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The Atlantic Proa "Angelina Pipedream".





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The Newick Atlantic Proa "Azuloa II".





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 The Newick Atlantic proa "Eterna Royal Quartz"






(posted to proa_file by prao38)


In message #16053 Vincent Besin wrote:


Etrena Royal Quartz, has been build for the 1980 OSTAR.

Jean Marie Vidal had choiced Dick Newick has designer but when the boat has been

begon to build , he has had a different opinion abd the building crew decide ti

finish the boat without Dick and against his opinion they move the boat from a

schooner with twoo akas to a sloop with with three crossoarms.In the building

crew was Christian Augé ( later he will build Fumée noire and teach a lot of

things to Denis Kergomar about proa design) . Christian sail the boat crossing

atlantic to achieve the preparation of the boat before the race here in France?

It has been one of the faster ocean passage , unoffficial! it was just a passage

to deliver the boat to the owner.

Un fortunatly the mast has been build to fast, and break during the race, also

the skipper has had some money problem and prefer get the money of the insurance

to achieve the payment of the boat and than the boat has been abandonned at sea

without real reason and losted.


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