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Kalang Outrigger

Page history last edited by Leon 14 years, 6 months ago

4th of November, 2009

A few months ago, I got this canoe to a state where it looked like it was finished to a non-nautical observer and submitted it as part of an assignment for my NOW FINISHED teaching degree. I got a HD for the assignment! It was mostly just epoxy coated and some parts were unsealed. I took it for a little paddle in Coffs Harbour (north coast NSW) at this stage, but then had to put it aside for my final semester of study and teaching. Over the last week or so the canoe has been finished off properly.


Yesterday I took it paddling at Third Headland 30°31'25.27"S 153°02'24.09"E. I mostly paddled in the waves on the south side but I made one little trip around the rock platforms to the northern beach. Here are some photos:


It's pretty obvious what happened here, I was just mindlessly fighting the tendency the canoe has to turn towards the ama when surfing.



Older stuff below:

Here are some photos of my absolutely legitimate uni assignment, the Kalang outrigger. I'll just get it finished as a paddling canoe to get marked, but sailing is planned. My father has already claimed it as his post-hernia not-a-heavy-beachcat sailing boat. The hull is epoxy coated, has glass outer/pine inner chines and a tiny stringer along the gunwhale. It will get decks fore and aft of the bulkheads, and probably inner gunwhales with spacer blocks. Some sort of a thwart or support strut may be necessary at the forward end of the cockpit to stop the sides flexing too much. Ama possibilities are PVC pipe or bamboo, I'm not sure about beams yet.











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dstgean@... said

at 12:33 pm on Mar 23, 2009

I like the beveled inner chine logs. No place for water to collect and rot to form...


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