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Rosario-s  WaApa

Page history last edited by rciardo08250 14 years, 9 months ago

Building a Wa'apa (Trimaran option) in Italy

Finally the long version:





Also this time the transport solution is the same small car of the last year:



Wa'apa sailing at last!!

I can't test the long version; I had problems with the transport of the mid section. It 'll be for the next summer


(click images to enlarge!)





In this photo the carrying solution with a small european Ford Fiesta:



One outrigger version: but I'm not a good sailor: at the first blow Wa'apa capsized! In this photo I'm trying to fit the mast: it's difficult with the wind blowing.

I immediatly returned to the trimaran version.  



These are the first photos I have: during the long laborius winter  I never did any. 


Here you can see the stern section, the first one almost completed.



In this photo you have an idea of how you can build a 7,20 m canoe in a garage of 5 m.



This other photo is for one of the outriggers (better it's a half outrigger because outriggers also are in two sections).

Near there are the rudder and the leeboard (the white thing).



 The stem section painted



 The raised mid section with yakos and the rudder blade:



Some details







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