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Second Annual Texas Proa Championships

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The 2009 TPC is done!  You can read a race report here.




 Where:  Lake Sommerville, Texas. 


When:  Saturday September 26, 2009, the last Saturday in September.  Please note that this has changed, we had announced a later date, but then had some conflicts.  Skippers' meeting at the ramp off St Park Rd 57 in Lake Sommerville State Park at 10 am.


Anyone who would like to come out and sail is welcome.  To enter the race, the boat must shunt rather than tack and jibe; that is, it must come about by exchanging one bow for another, and have fixed windward and leeward sides.


The race format is up for discussion.  If you would like to come race, please email me and we'll talk.  The Founding Committee, consisting of John Wright, Skip Johnson, Laurent Coquilleau and myself, Kevin O'Neill, are open to almost any sort of racing; a standard windward-leeward course or an Olympic course would be nice, but in addition to that something like an off the beach Le Mans start might be fun, and a distance race out to the dam and back would be fun.  The earlier you contact me the better.  A picture of your boat and a rough descirption including length, beam, sail area, etc, would be appreciated.  All entries will be announced here upon reciept.


If you don't have a boat to race you're welcome to come out anyway and say hi.  Should be very exciting!  See you there.

Above:  The 2007 TPC beach.(Enlarge Image)


2009 TPC entries:


Laurent Coquileau


LOA: 20 ft
Beam: 2.5 meters
Sail area: main only: 100 sq ft; Main + jib: 170 sq ft.


Skip Johnson

LOA: 22' 9"
Beam: 10' 8"
Sail area: 80 sq. ft.

Kevin O'Neill

LOA: 21 ft
Beam: 8' 3"
Sail area: mains only: 130 sq ft; mains + jib: 170 sq ft.

John Wright

LOA: 22 ft
Beam: ?
Sail area: 150 sq ft circular sail, based on last year's boat

Proposed Race Formats:


Send me a picture of the course and a description and I'll post it here so we can talk about it.


From Kevin O'Neill:


I don't think there's any use in trying to lay out a proposed course on the actual map of the lake.  The wind direction at this time of year is not predictable; this graph of wind directions in Somerville in 2007 shows an interesting pattern which is pretty typical:


The direction clocks through 360 degrees in about a week long cycle.  So who knows what we'll get, other than likely getting about 10 knots, building to 15 in the afternoon.  There are a few days in there with very light air, I think we just have to hope we don't hit one. 


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