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on May 29, 2010 at 9:18:02 pm


Finally got sailing again (working for a aliving sucks.





Yay - I'm sailing again!!!!


Only five jobs on the work list and two of them are nothing. Biggest issue was I broke another tiller. I keep trying to use them as levers to raise the rudders, they are fine for steering the boat.

The new beams are stronger and stiffer, boat is still very fast - I was fantasizing about wing masts over the winter, but anything over 15kn and it is a bit scary anyway, might have to try the reefs one day.








Repairs are complete, but the forecast is 30-40 knots with thunderstorms this weekend .


I tried to make a new page for the 1st NZ Proa Congress, don't know if it worked, really must learn how t drive a computer, anyway - here's what it said


It's time. This thing has grown so I need to get serious. Here's the current proposal:

1) November 7th is the date (it's the 2nd Saturday after Labour Weekend)

2) Please be on the beach at Arkles Bay no later than 10am

3) We'll allow one hour for meet and greet and laugh at all the funny looking boats

4) 11am start (le mans off the beach) - 4 mile "race" around a can off Long Bay


6) 1pm start "race" to A buoy at the entrance to Auckland Hr and return, approx 20 mile.

7) the afternoon race will be a staggered start, start times calculated by inverting the finish times of the first race and multiplying by 5 for the longer distance - if the h'capper is a genius we should all finish together.

8) Dominican food and rum punches from our sponsor Mount Gay. This will be at our house which is about 100m from the beach.

9) all welcome , particularly wives, children, girlfriends and illicit lovers

10) Please bring $10 to cover food plus if every body brings a quantity of fruit juice, Mount Gay will add the rum.

11) There is an empty double bed downstairs and heaps of room for the camp bed and/or blow up mattresses on the floor - if you need to avail yourself of this offer let me know. Alternatively there are campgrounds/motels at Orewa or Shakespear Park.

12) I am a slack bookkeeper and have lost the original list of interested parties - please register again by emailing editor@crew.org.nz, give me number of people, boats, accomodation requests.

13) I will post this here, on the Harry proa forums, wikiproa somewhere and on Crew.org.nz. Please contact any other interested parties you may know of or let me know if there's anywhere else I can advertise.

14) anyone have decent camera/video camera???






Someone was asking about tents







Repairs are complete, just need i t to stop raining so I can paint, then another test sail to see what breaks next.




Although  we had a holiday in Aus a while back, the girls though this was funny

Yay, I'm back in NZ.


Work comntinued this weekend, sleeves permananently attached to LW hull, outboard (electric trolling motor) mount half built. Maybe another week or two to go.



First test fit of the new beams





And an old photo of my wife and daughter at the launching





I tried to embed video, couldn't see how, see if this works











In fact we are planning the First New Zealand Proa Congress, Arkles Bay, Whangaparaoa, two weekends after Labour weekend, looks like 7boats could turn up, as Rob says - bigger than Texas. Anybody else want to join in?







I'm in New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Here's a bit that I wrote afte rthe beams broke in Crew.org.nz


It didn't break under sailing forces. I went to shunt, which involves going beam on. I had the sails eased and was stationary. The small windward hull went way up in the air on a big wave and crashed back down, the beam cracked where it exits the bigger leeward hull, on the bottom of the beam.

I dropped sail and sat there thinking about what to do. I was crippled and wouldn't be able to sail back into some 18 kn.

Eventually ( being a weekday no one else was out there) I called my beloved and organized a tow from the CG. My ego still hasn't recovered, in 45 years of sailing I've never had to ask for assistance before.

After a bit more wave action the beam broke completely, then it was only a matter of time till the other one went, so I got dragged into Shakespeare rather than go uphill, then had to disassemble Squid and bring her home on a trailer. She's back in the basement while I think about what to replace them with, maybe 4" aluminium tube??

That was going to be my last sail of the season as very soon I will be starting a new day job (don't worry, plenty of time for Crew.org.nz) and it p&^&*%^$%#$ me off for it to end like that.

Good news is it just keeps getting faster, I was flying.







I'll start with a few photos. The boat is currently back under the house getting new beams, but she went like shit off a shovel just before they broke



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