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T200 2008 Day 5

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Day 5:


Day 5 was easy.  Out the ICW, then almost dead downwind to the beach.  We had to shunt a couple of times, so we didn't put up the jib.  Shunting as a cat schooner is very fast and easy, but raising and lowering the jib is still not well worked out.  Part of that is the jib halyard cleats being on the wrong side of the masts for this trip, part of it is just that I don't have even the routing of the lines sorted out yet, so we get stuff all twisted when raising and lowering the jibs.  At any rate, we still made good time.  Southern Skimmer passed us in the bay, and Dan's Hobie passed us when we were sailing by the houses in the ICW:



but we arrived ahead of everyone else.  Here's Pete and Tim in the CS 17 coming into the ICW:



I don't know why I don't have any video of this, I think I lost the camera for a while.


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