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Texas 200 2008

Page history last edited by Kevin 14 years, 3 months ago

In The Beginning:


In late 2007 I decided to sail the inaugural Texas 200


This was mostly predicated by looking at maps and at the wind rose for south Texas in June, and thinking longingly of endless broad reaches at 13 knots, with not a care in the world.  Here's the route:



And here's the wind rose:



Woo hoo!


We got some of those endless long reaches, too, but first I had to get the boat in shape.


"I'm going to sail the Texas 200," I told my wife. 


"That's nice, dear."  She was used to me going to sail around on lakes for a day.  The '200' part didn't sink in for a few months.


"I'm going to sail the Texas 200," I told my friend Pete.


"Yeah you are," he said, in a carefully neutral tone.  It's possible Pete has been exposed to me declaring I was going to go sail another Watertribe race once too often, and has become jaded.  Sad to be so cynical at such a young age.


"I'm going to sail the Texas 200," I told my proa sailing partner Laurent.


"Excellent!  I can crew for you!" he said, taking me at my word.  It's possible Laurent has not known me as long as Pete has.


So I got to work on the boat, and Laurent and I exchanged emails with lists of supplies and I looked at maps and calendars, the one providing inspiration, the other making my stomach feel funny.  He, still taking me at my word, offered to make a new leeboard for the boat, the old one being too small by about half, and he bought a ticket back from his vacation a day early.  Now I was committed!  I had to have the silly thing done and ready to put in the water, he'd finished the board and bought a ticket.


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