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TPC 2009 p6

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We took a bit of a break, since Laurent's wife Marie and his girls were coming soon.  He waited around the beach for them, and I took a sail across to the island:


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I'm really sorry for the mic noise.


It was a nice sail.  The shoreline doesn't come out well in the video, but it was pretty grasses with lots of different birds; all you can see in the video are the white blobs of the egrets, I think, but there was a little hawk in the trees and herons at the shore, too.


I got back, Marie and the girls had arrived, and we had a wonderful lunch.  Very nice.  Then after the cake Laurent and I started to glare at each other.  The tension grew.  One race each!  Insupportable!  There can be only one!


We proposed a tiebreaker race, across the lake, around the island and back.  No dead downwind legs, good for me.  Higher sailing to shunting ratio, good for him.  Who will prevail?  The suspense is terrible, eh?  Onwards! 

TPC 2009 p7



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