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wikiproa guidelines

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 4 months ago

I've written a few guidelines for making a page in wikiproa.  Feel free to email me if you want to argue about any of them, or, better yet, leave a comment about the disagreement using the 'comment' button above.  We're a community, if a majority of people who have pages here disagree with me I'll change the guidelines.  So, what I think so far is:


Make a page about your boat! It's fine to make more than one page.  If you have two or three or several boats, feel free to make two or three or several pages, one for each boat.


It's fine to group several boats together.  If you've designed a series of proas of various lengths, you can certainly make one page to cover all of them if you like.


It's fine to make a page for a proa that does not exist yet outside your own head and computer, or paper.  Feel free to post notes, ideas and drawings.  The latter are particularly important, it's hard for most people to understand what you're thinking of if you just write your ideas out in words.  Post some drawings for us, that will help a lot.


Certainly it's fine to make a page about your boat.  If you'd like to make a page about someone else's boat, you should rely on either previously published material or first person observations. 


  • So, it's fine to write "Kevin's new Whale proa was able to sail at almost two knots in twenty knots of wind when I sailed with him in October of 2010 in Tampa."

  • It's fine to write "The Whale proa is very slow, and also ugly [1]", where [1] points to a footnote citing a Sail magazine review of the Whale proa.

  • It's not ok to write "The Whale proa clearly won't work, and I'm going to outline on this page why it won't work."  This, to quote the Wikipedia guidelines, is not the place for original research, except in our case for first person observations.



In addition, if you'd like to make a page about a boat that was built or designed by another person who's still alive, it would be polite to inform that person of your intentions, if possible.  If someone contacts me requesting I take down a page not written by them which covers their proa I will do so; this is intended to be a voluntary community. 


Please do not upload video files here.  We have a limited amount of space.  It's a much cheaper option for us if you upload the video to youtube or google videos and then embed the link here. 


Likewise, please reduce pictures in size (say, to something under 300 Kb) before you upload them.  If you upload really big pictures and we start to run short on space I may reduce your pictures in size.


Feel free to use the 'comments' function above to comment on the guidelines I've written here, or any other aspect of the wiki.  And it's always nice to tell someone you like their boat.  But I think it would be good to restrict serious discussion of proas to one area on the net, and such an area already exists, the yahoo group proa_file.  I would hope that stuff you see here would engender discussion over there, and that proa_file memebers will feel free to make pages on the wiki to illustrate what they're saying about their boats.






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