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Third annual Texas Proa Championships report

Page history last edited by Kevin 12 years, 6 months ago

Videos and pictures from the Third Texas Proa Championships, October 9 2010:



Laurent with one commercial Moth spreader, and one 'agricultural' version



Laurent's boat, showing the baguette style cut and lift modification



John's very clever hard tramp.  The 1/8" ply surface is supported by a web of ropes.  Firmer than a tramp, very light.  Clever.  John's boats are prone to make me ask myself, "Why didn't I think of that?"



The model for Skip's new boat.  Looks exciting...



John's lug schooner, seen from the water.





John sailing.



Moth rigging.



When the halyard is on the wrong side of the stay, the solution involves a wrench and a lob.



John's and Kevin's boats on the beach.



In the fading light, the schooner Moth rig is done.


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Videos of sailing on Sunday.


All videos by Kevin O'Neill, all pictures by Skip Johnson.




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