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engravings and models

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Some pictures found in the webpage from a french museum, about Admiral Paris' book:




An outrigger and a Kalia behind it, Tonga.



A tongan proa.



A Kalia from Tonga (wikimedia)



The Ndrua of the missionaries (in Fiji, I suppose) (Wikimedia).



An 'Alia, the samoan version of a Ndrua.



Looks like a Fijian Camakau, not sure about this one (Wikimedia).




Tepuke from the Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands.



Tepuke model. I need one! Scale 1:1 if possible!



Proas from the Caroline Islands. Notice that the sail lacks the funny S-extension of the boom found in modern Micronesia.



Model of the famous Flying Proa of the Marianas, Tinian Island.



A proa from New Caledonia. Notice that both hulls are identical, and the sail is more

similar to a Marshall Islands' walap than to a Fijian Ndrua.



Model of the same boat.


Drawing of a Tuamotu's Pahi, I think I got this one from Canoes of Oceania.




Another pahi drawing...


an another one...


and jet another.



Model of the Pahi.



Another picture, probably of the same model.



Another Pahi model.



A drawing of a Kiribati proa.



Model of the Kiribati proa, look at the gorgeous planking of the hull. Sadly, the ama attachement is broken/missing.





One of my favorites, from Sialum in New Guinea.



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